Do You Know the Key Question For All Life's Problems?

There is a key question for Christians that will help them choose what to do in any life situation or any life problem.

"Is what I am choosing to do in response to this problem bringing me closer to God, or not?"

Rephrased - "What can I do about this that will help solve the problem and also bring me closer to God?"

I have just released a new book for Amazon Kindle and the opening passage addresses this question.  Each of the writings collected in this book have been on topics that the Lord has worked with on me and my own heart. And for the first day of release, it is available for just $1.99. We are not making any profit at this price. The purpose is to get the book to as many readers as possible -- and to get reviews at Amazon so that the message of Christ will be spread by Amazon's own algorithm. It is also our hope that you share with your family and friends --  also, ministry leaders who get the book are free to share the messages with their groups and even their congregations. 

The book is a collection of the "most liked" writings and lessons from Gospel Life Learning over the past four years. 90% of the writings in the book are no longer online. The title is A Key Question for All Life's Problems: Short Reads to Inspire Spiritual Breakthroughs for Christians.  This collection is written to help spur your personal spiritual growth... or if you are in ministry -- each writing may be used as a lesson outline or sermon starter. As the author, I give permission for each writing or teaching to be shared in this way.

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So we ask you to do this now:

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Thank you!
Sherry Elaine Evans, founder & principal author of Gospel Life Learning

Thoughts for the Night of Christmas

When Christ physically came to earth as a baby,

he was born and he was called Emmanuel, 

meaning "God with us." 

When Christ physically left the earth, 

his last words were

 "I am with you always...even until the end of the age." 

As Christmas night comes to a close, 

let's be reminded that the message of Christmas is 

"God came to be with us;" 

and the best gift of all 

is that it is not for just one day...

it is for everyday...and forever.

Why Spend Time Reading the Bible?

When do I have time to read the Bible, and why should I read it? 

Should I do it just because I am supposed to, in order to be a 'good Christian?' 

Or are there better reasons? Are there benefits? If I'm going to spend time reading the Bible, what do I get out of it?

Psalm 119 gives us a comprehensive response, and at least twenty solid reasons, for the question, "Why read the Bible?"  

It inspires us and helps us live our lives with integrity (v. 1);

It disentangles us from feelings of shame (v.6);

It reminds us of the promise that God will never abandon us (v. 8); 

It keeps us from falling into temptation and sin (vs. 11);

It tells us of the treasured promises God has made to us (v. 11);

It brings a level of joy and contentment, a joy with more depth than that of having riches (v.14);

It opens our eyes, so that we may see the wondrous workings and patterns of God all around us (vs.18);

It encourages us when others threaten or insult us, and teaches us a way to respond in such circumstances (v. 21-24, v.42);

It turns us away from a life of lies, and reveals to us what is truly worthwhile and what is worthless (v.29, v.36);

It provides counseling to us; a counseling that if followed, will ultimately lead to happiness and delight in life (vs.24);

It strengthens us during times when our souls are 'weary with sorrow' (vs. 28);

It increases our understanding (vs. 32);

It causes us to experience feelings of freedom -- both from past problems, and from those things which may still oppress us in the present (v.45);

It comforts us (v.52);

It makes us wise, and specifically, wiser than our enemies (v. 98);

It protects us by supporting the presence of a spiritual shield around us (v.114);

It helps us to not be 'gullible' (v. 130);

It opens a door of light, lighting with clarity the way to go, the path to take, and which decision is to be made (v. 130);

It teaches us principles that will last forever (v. 152).

"There is a lasting peace for those who love your teachings. 
Nothing can make those people stumble."
- Psalms 119:165 (GW)

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Feeling Like You Are "In a Rut?"

I have a confession to make.

Notwithstanding my best intentions to stay positive and hopeful, and to inspire others as well...

I have found myself the last couple of weeks to be "in a rut."

What does that mean, anyway? To be "in a rut?"

I looked it up; and the saying originated in the pioneer days of  the early 1800's, when the wheels of the horse-pulled wagons would literally end up in a "rut." A rut is a worn groove in a path. A definition is a long, deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles.

Oh yes. I'm in a rut. I'm locked into a mandatory routine of back and forth, back and forth -- to work, to appointments, to errands, to bed; and then waking up the next day and doing it all over again. Even weekends have been taken up by many unexpected "have to do's" instead of any sort of restful break.

It's stuck in the rut. Yuck.  When you are in a rut, it's not boredom -- you have plenty to do. It's not depression. It's not even "the blues." It's just "going through the motions" and finding yourself lacking inspiration.

So what to do to get out of the rut? Are there any verses or words from Christ that can help?

Here are a few truths to think upon and a few recommendations to help get unstuck from the rut:

1. Pray. Of course this will be the first recommendation. Often times when in a rut, though, you don't even know what to pray for, so you may skip a prayer time or even just "go through the motions" in prayer. Remember, however, that if you have accepted Christ, then the Holy Spirit will interceed for you when you do not know what to pray for, or how to pray (Romans 8:26-27). Try this: simply pray

"God, I'm feeling ______________ (tired, stuck, uninspired, feeling down for no good reason); and I don't know why or what to do to get unstuck in my mind. I just want to ask your Spirit to interceed for me and help encourage the change in me or in my mind that needs to happen to get un-stuck."

Then look up and review some of your favorite verses, and most importantly, grab a notebook or journal and write down the date that you prayed this prayer. This is important because you will want to look back and see how quickly this prayer is answered.

2. Plan out your day or your week to get any "unfinished" tasks you are procrastinating on done. Many times we find ourselves in a rut because we have been procrastinating. Actually schedule the time into your weekly calendar for finishing the task or project, or at least finishing a portion of it, if it is a large or ongoing project.  Then get it done. Knock out  the task that may very well be keeping you walled into your rut.

3. Next, this is even more important than #2. Look at your weekly plan and schedule in some time to do some activities that are "not typical" for you that you will enjoy. If you haven't been exercising, then schedule in a walk for an hour. If you do exercise regularly already, then do something different. Drive to a pretty park and walk or jog there, instead of just walking around your neighborhood. Go do something "touristy" in your own city or nearby town. Do something to purposefully and intentionally step out of the rut for as little as an hour. It may just be the "spark" you need to help get inspired once again.

4. Finally, be intentionally thankful. I've learned that being intentionally thankful, no matter the circumstances, seems to soothe many of life's ills. No matter what your circumstance, there is something to be thankful for, even if it is something that seems small. Colossians 3:17 prescribes, "Whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." The truth is, you cannot keep your thoughts in a rut and also in an intentionally thankful state at the same time. The thankful thoughts will drive out the thoughts that keep you stuck, and will leave no room for the dull and listless thoughts to take further root in your mind. If you are really having a hard time being intentionally thankful, then write down at least 10 things you are thankful for, and tape it to your alarm clock. Every morning, read that list and pray thankfulness over it before you even fully get out of bed to start your day of "to do's."

Oh, and at the bottom of that list of yours, add Psalms 107:1, and read it out loud when you get to it:

"Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever!"

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What God Is Teaching Me After the Death of My Mother...

I can testify that three months ago, I was in a dark place.

An ongoing prayer of mine was answered with a clear, "No," and my mother died.

For quite some time, I no longer could feel the full comfort of God, and I wasn't sure why. If someone had asked me, "Are you upset at God?" I would have quickly responded, "Of course not! I trust God fully."

Yet truthfully, even in all my supposed spiritual maturity...I still really struggled...really struggled hard.

Then, about a week ago, I began reading in the book of Job. I intentionally began reading Job, because maybe there would be something in that book of suffering that might help me. I began reading it in the dark, from my phone, in my bed before going to sleep one night.

And there it was right there in the first chapter. This verse: "In all this, Job did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing." (Job 1:22) And the tears began for me, there in the dark, while reading the word of God from my phone.

My heart was pierced with the realization that I was indeed holding a grudge against God. If someone had asked me directly, I would have denied that I was holding such a grudge, and I would have believed my own denial. But the word of God has this supernatural ability to be "living and active." The word of God is able to "pierce the division in soul and spirit," and it "discerns the thoughts and intentions of the heart." (Hebrews 4:12)

I was hardly even aware of it...but deep down in my thought life...there were these types of thoughts lying there: "All I know for sure is that I had prayed earnestly, and God could have changed the outcome; but He didn't."

Those were my secret thoughts; but my conscious, good Christian voice would push those thoughts down and tell myself, "God knows best. Something good will come from this." But even as I told myself the truth; my lower lying thoughts still had a grasp and were thinking, "Yeah, right...something good will come. It better. God, you better show me why this happened soon, because, secretly, I don't know and I doubt you."

When I realized, through reading God's word, that I was not like Job; and that I was indeed blaming God within the deep recesses of my heart -- I immediately realized that my secret attitude of charging God with wrongdoing was an attitude that was blocking me from truly knowing His peace and from experiencing His guidance in my life once again.

And so I prayed, and I confessed, and I asked God to take this grudge deep within my heart, and to remove it. And I have had to pray it more than once, and on more than a few days; but I can testify that my heart is softening and I am realizing that it is true: "God's mercies are new every morning."

And I have learned this:

It is nearly impossible to fully accept God's truths in the light of the morning, when we are holding a grudge against Him in the secret place of our heart.

I couldn't experience His mercies for a time; because as the morning was dawning, I was saying "Praise the Lord!" with my mouth, but my heart was not in sync. I'm not sure if my heart and my praise are even fully in sync yet. But I do know this: I am praying to God specifically to help me deal with this; and I am experiencing His presence again, and I truly trust that somehow, someway, He will get me through.

Four months ago, I thought I would be joyously praising Him by rejoicing after an answered prayer; but instead, I am meekly but honestly praising Him for being with me while I mourn. And there is something deep and intimate about this that I cannot describe yet; except that I look forward to a new and deeper understanding of Him when this period of deep mourning reaches some sort of end.

In the meantime, here is what I have to say to any mourners who are struggling to find the promised comfort of God for this time. Ask the Spirit of God to search your heart to convict you of any grudges you may be holding against God. If you realize there is a secret grudge deep down in your heart -- ask God to help you deal with it. Ask God to help you resolve it; and realize it may still take some time. It may be a prayer you have to ask day after day for awhile. Ask God, "Please remove this grudge in me; and replace it with your truth and hope." If you are feeling stuck with God after a huge loss; this could be a reason why.

- Sherry

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