Emotions Series

 Season 2 :  Emotions, Mental Health, and the Gospel Life Post/Episode List

1.  Is There a Theology of Emotions? What Does God's Word Teach About Mental Health?  

2. Goodbye to the Grudge (Anger, Bitterness, Resentment) | How to Use Anger for Good Purposes  

3. How Do We Use Anger For Good Purposes? A Practical Strategy 

4. Does God Still Help Us When We Have Doubts? 

5. Doubting God? How to Overcome and Strengthen Faith During Seasons of Doubt 

6. Positive Psychology Points Back to the Bible - Simple Strategy to Help with Depression 

7. Acceptance and Commitment Strategy for Christians: Facing Life's Ups and Downs with Evidence Based Strategies and Biblical Examples 

8. What is the Greek Word for Joy in the Bible?  The Pursuit of Happiness and John 15:11

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