Why Spend Time Reading the Bible?

When do I have time to read the Bible, and why should I read it? 

Should I do it just because I am supposed to, in order to be a 'good Christian?' 

Or are there better reasons? Are there benefits? If I'm going to spend time reading the Bible, what do I get out of it?

Psalm 119 gives us a comprehensive response, and at least twenty solid reasons, for the question, "Why read the Bible?"  

It inspires us and helps us live our lives with integrity (v. 1);

It disentangles us from feelings of shame (v.6);

It reminds us of the promise that God will never abandon us (v. 8); 

It keeps us from falling into temptation and sin (vs. 11);

It tells us of the treasured promises God has made to us (v. 11);

It brings a level of joy and contentment, a joy with more depth than that of having riches (v.14);

It opens our eyes, so that we may see the wondrous workings and patterns of God all around us (vs.18);

It encourages us when others threaten or insult us, and teaches us a way to respond in such circumstances (v. 21-24, v.42);

It turns us away from a life of lies, and reveals to us what is truly worthwhile and what is worthless (v.29, v.36);

It provides counseling to us; a counseling that if followed, will ultimately lead to happiness and delight in life (vs.24);

It strengthens us during times when our souls are 'weary with sorrow' (vs. 28);

It increases our understanding (vs. 32);

It causes us to experience feelings of freedom -- both from past problems, and from those things which may still oppress us in the present (v.45);

It comforts us (v.52);

It makes us wise, and specifically, wiser than our enemies (v. 98);

It protects us by supporting the presence of a spiritual shield around us (v.114);

It helps us to not be 'gullible' (v. 130);

It opens a door of light, lighting with clarity the way to go, the path to take, and which decision is to be made (v. 130);

It teaches us principles that will last forever (v. 152).

"There is a lasting peace for those who love your teachings. 
Nothing can make those people stumble."
- Psalms 119:165 (GW)

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