Prayers for Anxiety: What Will You Pray?

These are the prayers I will rely on this year to pull closer to God when the stress hits. I wrote these last week, including a personal Psalm, and now I'm sharing this booklet with the world! 
One thing I like to do that really calms me in times of anxiety is to write my own psalms patterned after the Biblical Psalms. 
Here is my Psalm 23 in my own words: 
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Sherry's Psalm 23 :
I thank you Lord, because you are my caretaker, and you are all that I truly need.
Spending time with you gives me rest. Walking with you gives me peace. Relying on you gives me strength.
You guide me in the way I should go; you teach me the right way, and this brings honor to you!
When I walk through difficult and dark valleys, you are with me, holding me by your right hand.
Therefore, I do not have to be afraid, because you are near, and your guidance and presence gives me comfort.
You provide for me, even when I don’t deserve it.
If all I had was you and nothing more, I would still have enough to overflow and share with others.
Even if I forget about you for a time, or take you for granted, or isolate myself from you – your love will pursue me to bring me back to you!
Therefore, I can give all my anxieties over to you; because you have determined my future; and ultimately, I will live with you forever.

I encourage you to write your Psalm and use it to's a very powerful and simple way to draw closer to God! 

Here is another prayer that I like to pray, read, or listen to when anxiety has got its grasp on me and is increasing.  It's on our YouTube: 

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