Season 1 of Gospel Life Learning Blogs & Audios Pinned In One Place

I have been reviewing and reflecting on all that has grown with this little blog and book ministry, and I am so looking forward to what is coming! I want to share a reminder from Psalm 37:23 - God directs our steps and delights in every detail of our lives when we choose to stay near to him.

Did you miss any of the 16 short teachings from GLL this past season? You can catch up on any missed
teaching blogs or audio episodes that interest you.Take the time now before our next series starts the first week in July!

Each message was planned to teach you something you may not have known before about the Scriptures, in 10 minutes or less, whether you are new to the faith or have been following Christ for decades. Here is a direct link (via pinterest) to all the "blogcast" posts, in the order released.

I have pinned the 16 teaching blogs with audios there as an easy way to find them all, while a new website is being worked on over the next few weeks that will be more user friendly.

In July, we will begin a blog and "blogcast" series of 12 sessions on the "Gospel Life, Emotions, and Mental Health" I'm really excited about this upcoming project as I get to weave together my "expertise" with my love of God's word.

Stay tuned!

- Sherry


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