Teachings of Jesus - Intro Video

Here is the intro video for this summer's study:  Summer with the Teachings of Jesus

As I explain in the video, you will not miss much by not actually being in front of the video watching it.  I had originally planned to do these as podcasts, but then decided that video would have more potential to reach more people and introduce more people to a relationship or deeper relationship with God. My thinking is that you may want to listen to these videos as you are getting ready in the morning, or at other times during the day when you may be doing some other "rote" task -- like laundry or working in the kitchen. I know we are all too busy, and we need to be multi-tasking much of the day, So I made these videos with the intent to "come along side you" at some point during the day, to remind you to stay close to Christ.

We will go through 18 teachings over the summer. My book covers more. It has 56 teachings,  starting in Mark and into Matthew, and it goes through each teaching without skipping any. Get the book or e-book to go along with the study here by clicking on this link:  He Called: 56 Daily Studies and Reflections with the Word of Christ