Do You Know the Key Question For All Life's Problems?

There is a key question for Christians that will help them choose what to do in any life situation or any life problem.

"Is what I am choosing to do in response to this problem bringing me closer to God, or not?"

Rephrased - "What can I do about this that will help solve the problem and also bring me closer to God?"

I have just released a new book for Amazon Kindle and the opening passage addresses this question.  Each of the writings collected in this book have been on topics that the Lord has worked with on me and my own heart. And for the first day of release, it is available for just $1.99. We are not making any profit at this price. The purpose is to get the book to as many readers as possible -- and to get reviews at Amazon so that the message of Christ will be spread by Amazon's own algorithm. It is also our hope that you share with your family and friends --  also, ministry leaders who get the book are free to share the messages with their groups and even their congregations. 

The book is a collection of the "most liked" writings and lessons from Gospel Life Learning over the past four years. 90% of the writings in the book are no longer online. The title is A Key Question for All Life's Problems: Short Reads to Inspire Spiritual Breakthroughs for Christians.  This collection is written to help spur your personal spiritual growth... or if you are in ministry -- each writing may be used as a lesson outline or sermon starter. As the author, I give permission for each writing or teaching to be shared in this way.

Here is a testimonial/review:
"This is so beautifully written because it obviously comes from the author's heart and relationship with God....I realize now what is missing in my walk with God....I am very thankful to God for this enlightenment and this eye opening truth that has been put before me. The author is an instrument of God and writes with deep conviction." 

So we ask you to do this now:

1. Get a copy of the kindle book here for $1.99.

2. Skim through a few of the chapters with titles that pull on your heartstrings...and then leave an honest review on Amazon. 

Thank you!
Sherry Elaine Evans, founder & principal author of Gospel Life Learning