"Shoes of Peace" - My Phrase for the Year - the Roman Soldier's Shoes - Armor of God in Ephesians 6

"Shoes of Peace." What Are They, and How Do We Wear Them?

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"Shoes of Peace." What Are They, and How Do We Wear Them?

As this new year turned over, I began trying to think of a word that would be "my word" to hold onto for the year. Typically this shouldn't be too hard to come up with a word, but as January 1st passed, and then the second, and then the 10th, I still didn't have a good, single word.

However, there is a phrase that has been both convicting me and inspiring me for the past few months, and it is also a phrase that I want to hold on to this year and implement daily this year so that it becomes not just a phrase in my head, nor just a note in a notebook. I want this phrase to be something to hold onto and to anchor me this year and future years as well.

The phrase is "shoes of peace."