Do You Know the Key Question to Help with Solving All Problems?

I want to share with you a key question you may ask yourself whenever you need to make a major decision. When a major (or minor) problem comes into your life, and you need to resolve it, you can always ask this question of yourself to help gauge your options and guide your decision making.

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The key question:

"Is the way I am handling this problem bringing me closer to God, or is it taking me further away?"

Likewise, if you have two or more paths, or two or more choices you can make during a decision for solving a problem - then choose the option that will  help you be nearer to God. 

If the action you end up chosing is one that keeps you close to God, then you can be assured that you are still walking in his will for you.

Remember Psalms 25:12 tells us, "Those who have reverance for the Lord will learn from him the path they should follow."

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