How Do We Steward Our Emotions For Good? Series Has Begun...

The "Emotions and the Gospel Life" se
ries has begun with the first four episodes. 

Check them out directly below, on Apple, Google, or Spotify podcasts, OR or at the podcast YouTube channel.  In the Podplayer below, you would start from the title at the bottom titled "Is There a Theology of Emotions?" if you want to go in order. 

A more in-depth book is in the works. Transcripts are available on YouTube through the
video's "Show Transcript" feature on both desktop and your phone/mobile devices.   

Additional Reminder: All of our books are still marked down on Amazon Here. Extended another two weeks. 

Next Up...we will address Doubt (Emotion or Thought Cycle....or Both?); Depression, and Anxiety.  Stay tuned! I always strive to share simple, doable strategies or knowledge to encourage, to help you strengthen your walk with the Lord,  and improve your relationships  and your general level of contentment in life.