You Can Look Forward to Confession in Prayer

Let’s look at some specific reasons and some Biblical teaching on why it is necessary and beneficial to have a regular time of confession in our daily prayer.  Confession is often the most difficult part of prayer for us, as it is a time of being genuine and honest and contrite before the Lord.  The Bible tells us that confession is important in order for us to be near to God and for God to be able to most effectively guide us:
In James 4:1-7, we are told that when we are in an ongoing state of daily confession, the devil will flee from us.  Therefore, by maintaining a habit of confession, sin and temptation cannot maintain a grasp in our lives! 

In Mark 11:25, we are given an example of how confession is necessary for our prayers to be effective. We are told to forgive and release the grudges we have against others, and to do this at the beginning of our confession time.  See, our prayers may not be effective if we have not confessed areas of unforgiveness in our lives. On the other hand, the confessed heart is a heart that is effective in prayer.  

In Acts 2:38, we are clearly told that we must confess and repent to receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides us through life, helping us to avoid some of  the troubles that may be lying in wait for us. Do you want that type of guidance in your life? Then get excited about genuine confession! 

In Hosea 14:1, it is prophesied that the people of God will stumble if they remain in their iniquity - in a state of non-confession. So how do we escape from our iniquity?  We do so through ongoing confession. 

Those are just four huge benefits of confession. When you think about it, you may actually get excited about having the opportunity to confess and be forgiven each time you go to God in prayer. 

  • Ongoing confession causes evil to flee from you!
  • Regular confession is one of the keys to effective prayers. 
  • Confession and repentance enables the Holy Spirit to regularly guide you. 
  • Regular confession helps us to avoid troubles and stumbles in life.

Maybe now we can all look forward to holding a regular confession time with God. It brings us closer to Him and causes temptations to flee from us. 

This post is an excerpt from the author's latest book: Closer to God, Simple Methods, Starting Today