Book: Weight Loss for Christians: Extraordinarily Simple Way to Conquer Cravings in bestseller territory this week

Just an announcement and a reminder of one simple, practical book that has helped so many people with over-eating, while at the same time drawing them closer to God. 

This was my first book -- which I published in 2012 - and it has just organically made it back onto Amazon's current bestseller list in the "Women's Christian Living" and also in the "Health, Diet, and Fitness Short Reads" sections for this week! 

I suppose it is that time of year with summer very near, and many people are wanting to slim down or even just get healthier.  

I even need to re-read this book myself because I confess that I have put 20+ pounds back on on since my mother passed a year ago. 

The book helps you with overcoming the problems of emotional over-eating and boredom snacking eating. Use those craving signals as signals to feed your deeper need...The book is under $5 for Kindle or Free if you have kindle unlimited! It's a quick read...1 1/2 to 2 hours.

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