What Emotion Has It's Grasp on You Today? Spiritual Warfare Worship Against Fear in This Song!

What emotion has it's grasp on you today that needs to be broken off and commanded to leave? 

Is it Anxiety? 

Is it Anger? 

Is it Bitterness? Unforgiveness?


Feelings of shame or embarrassment? 

Feelings of Fear? 

Feelings of low self worth? 

I confess that I have awoken the past few days and allowed the tiny spirit of fear and anxiety to fill my brain and my heart -- three days in a row!! 


I turned this song on and sang along with power and told those FEELINGS that they have been DEFEATED!! 

Here is one of the best modern worship songs to remind us of this today!! 

There is power in the name of JESUS to BREAK EVERY CHAIN!!

Isn't it amazing how authentic worship just cleanses the soul?!! 

(This version is sung by Jesus Culture, original song written by Will Reagan)


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