Cast All Your Anxieties on God…But How?

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Have you ever thought about how we are told in the Bible to give all our worries and concerns to God? Ok, but have you ever thought, “How do I do that?” Today we are going to give you a strategy for that. 


Life is hectic isn’t it? Not too long ago, I came across a Snoopy comic strip, or a Peanuts comic strip, and it said – it’s Charlie Brown and Linus sitting by the fence – and this is what it said:


(Peanuts comic strip credit to Peanuts Worldwide @

This is from Charles Schultz. It’s a comic strip. I thought comics were supposed to be funny! It caught my interest, and I realized that it struck a chord with me – Charlie Brown’s words did.

See, I can remember periods in my life when I would live by this philosophy.  I didn't choose to live this way; it just seemed to be my default setting when things got really busy or when things got tough.

If only I can make it to Friday afternoon, the weekend will be better.
If only I finish grad school, I can get out of this job and get a really good one.
If only I can find a better job or get a transfer to a better school,  or a better area, or closer to home; things will be better.
If only I can survive my child's terrible twos, or fours, or twelves, or teens; things will get easier.
If only I can get caught up on these work deadlines; my days will be more relaxed.
If only I can get past my required daily routine; I will have time to rest.

I could go on and on, but the point is that I was living during those times by just "mentally surviving" day by day. My hope was in some potential future state of "better,”just a future better than “right now.”

Now maybe I am only one of a small percentage of people in the world who ever lives this way. Though, I suspect I'm not. I suspect there are many who put on a happy face sometimes; but inside they are just getting through, day by day.

With thoughts like…

If only I made more money....
If only I could find the right boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse....
If only this bad thing hadn't happened in my past...
If only I could make time to go on vacation....
If only someone hadn't left me....or if that person hadn’t passed away....

Stop. Just stop.

There’s a better way. There’s a better daily philosophy, Charlie Brown! And let me tell you that philosophy is based on this:


"Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you." - 1 Peter 5:7

And now, that is exactly what I do. When I wake up, and as I'm getting ready for the day, I just cast it over to Him. Oftentimes, if it’s really something that’s got ahold of me or I can’t stop ruminating over, I will actually imagine myself, close my eyes and visuallyimagine that I have a really large sack with all these things that could potentially be dreadful or anxiety producing or just not fun. It’s a big sack like a big stuffed laundry bag, and I just visual myself tossing it, and Jesus catching it. 


I don't even ask for anything specific. I don't ask for any particular outcome. I literally in my vision or in my imagination, my visual imagination, I just toss it to Him. It says cast! So I cast it! Toss it! 

He asked for our anxieties! It finally dawned on me that if we don't give our anxieties to Him after He asked for them; then we are just taking responsibility for making our own mess in our own heads. 

The reason I typically do not ask for a particular outcome is because I can trust that He already knows the best outcome -- and if I give it to Him; with no strings attached, and with no demands for a particular outcome, then He will work out what He wants -- in His way - without my interference.  

And His way is much better than our ways. His way is better than my way. This strategy helps to developwithin me a better attitude. His way helps me to focus on the positive and on the small victories andthe pleasant moments within each day.

At the end of the day, you know what I find? And I think you would find the same at the end of each day, if you tried this strategy. I find this:

My way brings me overwhelm and stress.
His way brings me peace and rest. 


Typically, my prayer will sound something like this: 

"Lord, I wake up. I don't even know what to ask for or what to look for today. I'm starting to feel stressed about all I have to do, and I'm becoming overwhelmed. I just give it to you. Go before me and work things out according to what you know is best. I know it may be a tough day; but I am trusting you to get me through...and get my through with a right attitude."


God is with us in spirit day by day.  When we remember this as often as we can throughout the day; if at the beginning of the day we “toss” those things – just toss that bag of worries and concerns over to him, and "practice His presence" throughout the day as well, then everything changes in perspective.


Let me close with this verse:

"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life." -Psalms 143:8 (NIV)


If we are, in the morning, putting our trust in Jesus, giving over our concerns to Him, and doing this because if we can entrust Him with our lives, then surely we can trust Him with our day. 


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