Doubting God? How to Overcome and Strengthen Faith In a Season of Doubt

Doubting God? How to Overcome and Strengthen Faith In a Season of Doubt

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You may wonder – well how do I genuinely seek God, even when I have doubts?

I have a few recommendations for that.

If you are having doubts about whether or not Jesus really did die and was resurrected; then that is very important for you to gain some clarity on. I recommend you research and read on “The Minimal Facts Argument” for the resurrection of Christ. You can google it or find a video on that topic on Youtube. Even Paul taught that if Jesus wasn't raised from the dead, then the Christian faith is meaningless and a lie. So if you are having doubts about Christ's resurrection – then yes – study the evidence and decide for yourself. The “Minimal Facts Argument” lays out all of the evidence that all scholars – even non-believing scholar historians – agree actually happened related to the claim that Jesus was resurrected. Remember, that the Bible clearly teaches that faith is based on evidence. The Bible teaches that “Faith is the....evidence of things not seen.” Faith is not a blind trust. Faith is a decision to believe Jesus based on the evidence we have about Him, about His life, death, and resurrection. True faith does have room for areas of doubt. Not complete doubt. Complete doubt would be unbelief; but areas of doubt.

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